Our Experience

SRA experience includes all aspects of rural development particularly in the agricultural, aquaculture and livestock sectors, food security and also in education and training. This experience covers most countries of Africa, Middle East, Central Asian Republics and South Asia and some countries in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia. Some of these projects in which SRA personnel were involved.


Evaluation for expanding marketing of primary produce to various MENA countries for an Australian State Government
Assessed target markets for agrifood trade, supply chain relationships, analysis of competition and constraints, assessing future developments and potential for trade and recommending a program for expanding state trade to the region.

MENA Professional Services Export Study
Reviewed the commercial livestock and agriculture capability and development goals of all 24 countries in the MENA region for identifying opportunities for providing export of professional services to add value to local production, processing and marketing activities.

GCC Food Security Investment in Australia and New Zealand – Private GCC client
Pre-feasibility study for very large scale investment for food security purposes in the whole red meat supply chain through investment in large scale breeding and growing out farms, feedlots and sale yards, abattoir and meat processing and packaging for export.

Food Security for the GCC Region
Reviewed several opportunities in the region for Governments and investors from GCC countries for food security through investment in large-scale farming around the region including Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

By Country

Feasibility study for Establishing a Beef Slaughterhouse for Flinders Shire Council.
Three stage study – initial site inspection for land and environmental suitability, then feasibility study and then concept designs for a 100,000 head per annum cattle slaughter facility.

Irrigation System Design and Development
The development and management of systems for the use of treated Production Water from an adjacent gas field. Activities involved interpretation of soil sampling analysis and E.C. data, the design and specifications of pipelines and irrigation pivot areas, buffer water storage areas, assessment of cropping options, and the development timelines and financials for a project utilizing 5,000ML per year.

Irrigation Management
Full management responsibility for 1200 ha of irrigation growing wheat, maize, sorghum, soybeans, mungbeans, chickpeas and cotton.

“Wilden” Goovigen Farm Management Plan Development
Development of a comprehensive farm management and cropping plan for the establishment of a vegetable production project. The SRA team, including an agronomist, soil scientist, hydrologist and economist reviewed all the farm resources and assessed the capacity of water and soil resources to produce and formulate a crop production rotation and financial plan that reflected long term sustainability or otherwise of the enterprise.

Golden Circle Ltd – Beetroot Production Review
Reviewed the physical and financial parameters affecting contract beetroot growing in coastal SE Queensland in determining the scope for further Government intervention in sustaining commercial horticulture production in the peri-urban environment of Brisbane.

Irrigation infrastructure Development
Designed and constructed a 650 ML water storage and upgrade of pump installations to provide extra water capacity in expansion of the irrigated area.

Cost of Irrigation Water Study
Study to assess Farmers “Capacity to Pay” in using recycled water for cereal and vegetable production in South East Queensland.

Alternative Cropping Strategy Analysis
Worked with sugar cane farmers to identify and assess alternate cropping strategies and options following the closure of the Moreton Sugar Mill as part of the Federal Government Sugar Industry Reform Package.

Forest Products Taxation Review
Undertook a review for the Government of Queensland of taxation legislation with respect to farm forestry in association with Moreton Rural Services.

City to Soil
Undertook a review of irrigation costs incurred by peri-urban fruit and vegetable farmers to assist in determining what farmers can afford to pay for Brisbane city recycled water.

Horticulture Support Study
Review of contract beetroot growing costs incurred by farmers supplying a major fruit and vegetable cannery with a view to determining the need for financial support and other regulations within the industry.

Rural Investment Evaluation
Inspection and financial audit of a number of large scale rural ventures in the preparation of recommendations for the purchase of a rural investment portfolio in Northern Australia.

Burnett Food Alliance Marketing Plan
Worked with the Burnett Food Alliance, to establish a united marketing body to target exports and supermarkets. The project initially targeted Singapore and Hong Kong, expanding to other markets in South East Asia and the Middle East. The Alliance members consisted of fruit and vegetable growers, beef, pork & seafood producers, as well as processed food, health and beverage producers.

Irrigation Design
A comprehensive land survey and engineering design study for 200 Ha of flood irrigation. The study included detailed analysis of river flows over the past 100 years in determining the sustainability of underground water resources and the need for provision of above ground water storage.

Lara and Fairways Farm Property Review
A review of the ongoing operations of an agricultural aggregation in Central Queensland producing cattle and grain crops under both rainfed and irrigated conditions. The team undertook a detailed evaluation of the current farming operations, recommending a phased development and enterprise diversification programme aimed at maximising the farms’ sustainable short to medium term production potential. Detailed analyses were also undertaken to determine the financial implications of the proposed programme. The study team put forward a proposal to include beef cattle production as an additional and complementary activity to the existing broad acre farming enterprise, in order to maximise productivity from crop residues and permanent pastures on those soil types unsuitable for long term grain cropping.

Sugar Industry Studies
Analysis of growers costs of production, based on the application of normative cost analysis techniques, in respect of recommended cultural practices and a range of farm types, classified according to size, region and irrigation potential.

Irrigation Development
Design and construction of 40 HA (1400ML) water storage.

Irrigation Development
Survey and design of 160 Ha flood irrigation including the design and installation of a pump station on the Barwon River and relift stations. Managed the planting of first crops.

Farm Development and Management
Management of a 1,000 ha mixed farming unit producing cereal and forage for the local and export market.

Dairy Value Chain study and design of a large scale dairy farm and milk processing facility.
Comprehensive national Dairy Value Chain evaluation and market research for both local and export dairy product markets.Recommended development of a 3,000 head dairy farm and milk processing facility and provided layout and concept designs and equipment specifications for all facilities. Stage 2 will go on and develop detailed designs and tender documents.

Animal Identification & Registration System (AIRS) design.
Review the livestock sector and then design a system for identifying all producing livestock for food traceback and impending subsidy scheme to allow export of food products into the EU and regionally.

Egg Production Expansion study
Undertook a market assessment and production development study for doubling egg production and expanding into new lines of eggs such as brown eggs and Omega 3 eggs.

Establishing Mobile Veterinary Clinical Services
(BMPCUL) Established mobile veterinary clinical services on a routine basis by vehicle and boat to their many village-based  milk co-operatives. Local veterinarians received intensive instruction in thorough clinical examination and diagnosis. Established a training programme for village based “Lay Veterinary Assistants”, employed by the village co-operatives, to provide a 24-hour service.

Rangeland Reassessment and Monitoring Project
An institutional building and training project designed to establish a Rangeland Assessment and Monitoring Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture. Provided liaison between Governments, the project and donor agencies as well as coordinating the inputs of the consultant team.

Formulation of a National Rangeland Development Policy
The formulation and costing of a strategy for long term management of the national rangeland resource within the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development, taking into account the valuable contribution from wildlife as well as cattle.

Joint Special Economic Zone for Trade of Live Animals and Livestock Products between Sudan and Egypt Feasibility Study
Examined livestock production, processing and trading in both Egypt and Sudan and determined there were opportunities for establishing a special zone for facilitating trade in clean disease free livestock and their products that would be beneficial to both, and plans drawn up for its implementation, including a series of quarantines in Sudan and an effective identification and recording (AIRS) of livestock movement. It included development on the border of a feedlot, slaughterhouse and meat processing facilities.

Horticulture Development Project
A pre-feasibility assessment of a proposal for the development of some 500 ha of land adjacent to the Nile River for the production of high quality fruit and vegetables for the Gulf and European markets. The project identified included a range of forage crops, field fruit and vegetables and  greenhouse crops. Irrigation water was provided by pumping directly from the Nile River through a series of intermediate dams and booster pumps to a combination of irrigation and fertigation systems appropriate for the various crops and propagation systems adopted. Prepared detailed investment and operating cost recovery models and a phased schedule for the implementation and operation of the project.

National Livestock Master Plan Study – AfDB
Undertook a comprehensive resource evaluation, planning, feasibility and design study for the integrated development of the livestock sector and associated required human resources of Ethiopia, including cattle, sheep, goats, bees and draft power in three consecutive phases.

Live Animal and Meat Export Study – 2 phases
Reviewed existing government programmes, policies and investment proposals with respect to the livestock industry in general and the live animal and meat export trade in particular, prepared a program for exporting live animals and meat to various Middle East countries, including North Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.

South East Rangelands Project. Fundamental aim was community development through the establishment of appropriate local organisations and essentially self-funded programmes. Project components include the establishment of an appropriate rangeland assessment and monitoring system; improvement of current rangeland management systems; improved access to livestock production services, particularly extension and veterinary services; increased research into the region’s animal production and health issues, aimed at increasing sustainable animal productivity; development in the region of an increased agricultural base and diversified pastoral enterprises; development of drought mitigation strategies for both humans and livestock; improved food security for the region through appropriate storage and marketing systems; physical and social infrastructure development; and improved access for the populace to agriculture and livestock markets and to social services.

Institutional Support to Ethiopian Valleys Development Studies Authority
A human resource development and training project involving long term Advisers in Natural Resources, Environment, Organisation and Management, Training, and Technical Information Systems to support development of the new authority charged with assessing the resources of each of the river basin systems of Ethiopia, determining and planning their best usage in the national interest and being responsible for all environment protection aspects of development in the country.

Southern Rangelands Pilot Development Project
Aimed to improve livestock production in Ethiopia through the enhanced efficiently of resource utilisation at the farm level and in the government co-operative support services for the small holder livestock sector. Improved animal health and production; infrastructural development; livestock marketing; research and training; range monitoring; evaluation and management; and the establishment of social co-operative organisations.

Omo Ghibe River Basin Master Plan Study
The Omo Ghibe Master Plan Study was a comprehensive resource evaluation, planning, feasibility and design study for the integrated development of a major river catchment area south-west Ethiopia. The project provided a comprehensive description of the human and physical resources of the region; detailed analyses of the development potential; a discussion of regional demography focussing on population dynamics and the development expectations of the urban and rural population; resulting in the preparation of a detailed plan of development incorporating all aspects of the catchment areas’ water resources exploitation and distribution infrastructure, social and other economic development.

Sheneka Farm Development Study
The formulation of a development program for a 25,000 ha site in the Bale region. The team undertook a complete natural resource inventory of the project site including a full soil survey and mapping, irrigation assessment and analysis of ground water and dam site potential. A development plan was prepared detailing crop varieties and rotations, cultivation procedures and expected yield and financial returns from each farm enterprise, including livestock farming and forestry.

Newcastle Disease for Poultry Project
Programme to trial thermostable Newcastle Disease Vaccine in village poultry, and introduce local production of thermostable I2 strain Newcastle Disease Vaccine. Cost recovery mechanisms were developed as part of the project. This project led onto establishing KYEEMA Foundation (www.kyeemafoundation.org) for undertaking Newcastle disease control programs across Africa and Asia/Pacific.

India Australia Training and Capacity Building Program/Government of India
A series of 45 sub-projects for capacity building and training, including forestry and horticulture, integration of disabled children into the normal education system and improving hospital waste management systems.

Veterinary Services For Small Holders
Expert Consultation on Provision of Veterinary Clinical Services for Small Holders at the National Dairy Development Board at Anand, India, to determine ways of economically delivering more appropriate veterinary services to small farmers.

Indonesia Training courses
The project, through the establishment of the Queensland Agricultural Training Consortium drew upon experts from the major agricultural research and vocational education institutions in Queensland, to provide a series of courses for small groups of Indonesian graduates and technicians totaling some 60 people. The trainees were brought to Australia to undergo a series of courses in pasture management, livestock management, tropical disease control and project management. Programmes ran for varying periods from 5 weeks to 3 months, and included a balance of lecture time, practical field demonstrations, and farm attachments in which the trainees spent up to 10 days working on livestock farms with animals of a similar type to those being imported into Indonesia, and which they would expect to be handling on their own projects.

Kuwait Food Security and Investment Strategy – Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA)
Reviewed and quantified food production and consumption and security in Kuwait. Studied the risks of adequate food supply and sudden price hikes in the preparation of an investment strategy in major commodities for Kuwait locally, regionally and internationally and prepare a Food Security Strategy and Road Map for implementation.

National Livestock Services Development Project
Provided livestock, disease control and advisory services to all livestock owners throughout the State of Kuwait over an 11 year period.  Insemination and embryo transplanting, advice on quarantine and import regulations and other livestock related services are provided under the project.

Agriculture Area Development Project
Project to rehabilitate the large system of irrigation facilities in the Chui Valley and support agricultural marketing efforts to the produce from the area. Involved reworking the layout, redesign, tendering and supervision of irrigation works.

Lamb Meat Fattening, Processing and Marketing Project Preparation
Undertook a feasibility and design study for buying in lambs from the Eastern Region and placing into feedlots, followed by processing and marketing into supermarkets in the capital and later for export. Designed the whole project including feedlots and slaughterhouses with full financial analysis.

Large Scale Modern Goat Breeding Project Design – Sharqiya Region
Privately funded Feasibility Study of a 100,000 head goat breeding and fattening project in Oman. The investigation included assessment of livestock breeding programmes, feeding alternatives including the establishment of an animal feed-mill, and processing and marketing options (local and overseas).

Assessment of the Viability of Manufacturing Processed Meat (PAMAP)
Assessed the likely viability of establishing a meat processing facility in Oman to complement other initiatives to assist in destocking the Southern Region rangelands, which are being degraded. The Study involved reviewing the market for processed meat, imports, local resources and making recommendations on ways of establishing a viable facility.

Rangeland Revegetation in the Southern Region
Programme to revegetate degraded rangeland areas with local and imported grasses, legumes and fodder trees, utilising various techniques including aerial seeding, mist trapping belts and stock exclusion areas, with a view to formulating a three year programme to revegetate the whole rangeland.

Hides & Skins Collection and Marketing Project
Appraised the feasibility of and recommended a programme for collecting unutilised hides and skins around the country and marketing them, including the establishment of a small rural tannery. The project included a training programme for slaughtermen, and commercial hides and skins merchants so as to produce better quality end products.

National Livestock Vaccination Project. Implemented the NLVP over 16 years for vaccinating sheep and goats against Foot and Mouth Disease, Pox and Peste des Petits Ruminants, and cattle against Foot and Mouth Disease, Rinderpest, Botulism and Blackquarter. In addition, consultant epidemiology services to better define the disease situation in the Sultanate and veterinary clinical services were provided to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Also the project was responsible for preparation and dissemination of a National Public Awareness Campaign and training of Omani Vaccinators and Livestock Handlers.

Irrigated Farm Design and Development Plan
Design review and crop recommendations for the establishment of an irrigated fodder farm with 40 bores and 20 Centre Pivots totaling 1,000 ha in the arid Negd region. Particular attention was paid to the sustainability of the aquifer targeted; given the high failure rate of similar commercial irrigation developments in the region.

Soil Survey and Integrated Study of the North Batinah Coastal Area
Worked with government to determine information to formulate strategies to halt and ameliorate the salination of soils and water in the agriculturally important costal plains of the North Batinah. Included detailed soil survey, water well inventories and water analyses, land cover studies, farming system survey and land use classification.

Nej’d Soil Survey
Detailed soil survey of 4 areas of the Nej’d to identify 1,300 ha of land suitable for irrigation agriculture. Altogether 100,000 ha of reconnaissance level soil survey was undertaken initially.

Desert Agricultural Project Management
A 170ha irrigated agriculture research farm where trial work on fodder, vegetables, fruit, agro-forestry and livestock production was researched in open fields and shade houses. All research findings were published and utilized in the development of private and commercial farms throughout the desert of Oman. The farm then established 2 large centre pivot irrigators for commercial fodder production for marketing to local livestock owners. Also assisted other farms in the region established.

Formation of an Agricultural Trading Company in Dhofar
The formulation and design of a trading company to harness the agricultural resource of the Southern Region. The company would rehabilitate regional processing facilities and provide a modern hygienic central market place for fruit and vegetables. The study incorporated a full feasibility study, including financial and economic analyses, development of financial management systems, structural designs, process description, human resource development and an organization and management report.

Oman Sun Farms Corp Diversification Feasibility Study
The preparation of a production programme and bank funding document for a multi-enterprise agricultural development group producing field crops, greenhouse crops, pasture hay, and milk products for the local market. This involved a review of national marketing projections, assessment of current production and financial performance, assessment of production infrastructure and operating procedures, and the preparation of a loan application.

Horticultural Storage and Marketing Project
Reviewed existing horticulture post harvest handling, storage and marketing infrastructure in the country as the basis for improving the quality of locally produced fruit and vegetables and reducing the country’s dependence on imports.

National Agricultural Development Master Plan Study
A national study to formulate a master plan for the rationalisation of the agriculture sector. The study evaluated the present system and level of production and their appropriateness to the environment, the genetic capability of herds and flocks, the level of utilization of agricultural resources, the level of institutional support to the industry, education and training provided by Government, and the capacity of established distribution and marketing infrastructure to cope with existing and projected levels of production. Associated sub-sector analyses were incorporated to provide an analytical framework for evaluation of future development alternatives.

Horticulture and Dairy Sectors Scoping Study
Review of the commercial horticulture and dairy sectors of Pakistan with a view to identify opportunities where Australian expertise, technology and management could contribute to the improvement of local and export production opportunities. The study particularly aimed at linking potential investors in Pakistan with the like-minded investors from Australia to achieve the desired outcome.

Pilot Integrated Agriculture Support Services Project
Project identification and design of an integrated development project to address a lack of farm-to-market roads, high level of post-harvest losses, inadequate credit facilities, poor management and marketing information systems, limited extension services, intermittent communications network and to strengthen the management capabilities of farmers’ organisations which are seen as constraints to improving the well being of disadvantaged farming communities through identifying agricultural and infrastructural development priorities. Emphasis was placed on: (1) Agriculture Infrastructure: the construction of feeder roads, and market and storage facilities; (2) Community Development Programs including a credit delivery system, upgrading agricultural extension programs and management and market information systems; and (3) Institutional Development for smallholder farmer organisations.

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)
Feasibility study for production of Hammour fish in Saudi Arabia under a RAS aquaculture system. Final project included a hatchery and fish production facility as well as a basic processing facility.

Red Meat Market Assessment, Processing and Packaging Study
Assessed the market opportunity for establishing a slaughterhouse and meat packaging plant for cattle, sheep and goats. Also included evaluation for developing feedlots and importing live animals from Australia to supply the facility.

Al Sa’irah Agricultural Development Feasibility Study
The preparation of a feasibility study for an integrated grain and livestock production farm. The study, included a comprehensive resources analysis, and market survey for a range of field and horticultural crops, and provided a comprehensive development plan formulated to make optimum use of the resources available.

Irrigated Agricultural Development
The planning, establishment and management of a 400 ha irrigation development designed to provide pastures and forage crops for a planned 1000 head diary herd. Activities included the design and installation of borehole pumps, generators, pipelines and construction of the centre pivot irrigation system and planting of first crops. This involved the planning of farming systems and staff and machinery, forward ordering of all planting seed, fertilizers, and spare parts, and anticipation of any likely agronomy problems in a previously untested cropping system.

South Africa Capacity Building Program. Government of South Africa
Australian government assistance to the newly formed South African government following on from elimination of apartheid.  Implemented more than 100 capacity building sub projects over a 6 year period under the new government of South Africa to build capacity across a number of sectors including agriculture, low cost housing, water resources, and education.

National Dairy Development Project
Provision of fodder crop and pasture production expertise in the design of a program to increase production of milk and milk products through the establishment of a smallholder herd enhancement program in the major livestock producing areas of the country. Made a detailed assessment of the current area under different crops, assessed soil suitability, rainfall and underground water potential in identifying a range of crops that could be expanded/introduced to provide the extra feed necessary for the expanding milk production. The project involved the introduction of a comprehensive extension service capable of providing crop production, pest management and marketing advice to all cooperating farmers.

National Smallholder Dairy Development Program
Provision of pasture and fodder crop production expertise in the design of a program to increase production of milk and milk products through the establishment of a smallholder herd enhancement program in the major livestock producing areas in the country.

Joint Special Economic Zone for Trade of Live Animals and Livestock Products between Sudan and Egypt Feasibility Study
Examined livestock production, processing and trading in both Egypt and Sudan and determined there were opportunities for establishing a special zone for facilitating trade in clean disease free livestock and their products that would be beneficial to both, and plans drawn up for its implementation, including a series of quarantines in Sudan and an effective identification and recording (AIRS) of livestock movement. It included development on the border of a feedlot, slaughterhouse and meat processing facilities.

Wadi Alysal Agriculture Development Feasibility Study
Studied the further development of a farm 50 kms from Omdurman expanding to 5,000 acres under irrigation of various crops for local marketing and export; including cold storage and processing, to expand market opportunities.

Farm Feasibility Study Review
A full review and assessment of the assumptions, business plan, market analysis, financial model and risk assessment of a newly started 100,000 ha irrigation project near Kosti, 250 kms south of Khartoum.

Irrigated Farm Development Study
Resource assessment, transect soil survey, detailed rainfall and climate analysis and preparation of crop recommendations for a 10,000 ha site along the Nile River. Prepared a development schedule, risk assessment and feasibility study including CAPEX, peak debt, staffing, machinery, operating costs and revenue projections.

Dairy Development Study
Provision of cropping and irrigation expertise in the preparation of a comprehensive development plan for the establishment of a new fresh milk production, processing and marketing project to serve the national capital. The team, including an agronomist and economist reviewed the proposed development sites, assessed the capacity of water and soil resources to produce and formulate a crop production rotation and financial plan that reflected the long term sustainability or otherwise of the enterprise.

Forage Crop Development
Field assessment and evaluation of a number of proposed sites offered for potential development into large-scale irrigated crop production units. The team reviewed all farm resources, assessed the capacity of water and soil resources to produce and formulate a crop production rotation and financial plan that reflected the long-term sustainability or otherwise of the enterprise.

Irrigation Farm Site Evaluation
Specialist field assessment, irrigation potential evaluation and provision of advice on the sustainability of soil and water for the production of a range of cereal and oil seed crops as part of a large scale irrigation proposal adjacent to the Nile River in Northern Sudan.

Sheep Production and Marketing Development Project Design Study
Formulation of a sustainable development strategy for the establishment of a 4,500 ha irrigation project producing a range of cereal and forage crops for supporting a livestock production and marketing project. The team assessed soil and water resources available to the project, formulated a long-term crop rotation strategy and prepared detailed cost schedules based on infrastructure, machinery and input requirements necessary to meet that schedule.

Red Meat Production, Processing and Marketing Study
Detailed evaluation of two 5,000 ha irrigation schemes, including the performance of crops in terms of production capacity, marketability and pricing  input costs and availability of input resources. Prepared detailed investment and operating cost recovery models, in addition to  a phased schedule in support of the implementation and operation of a national fresh and processed meat production project targeting local and regional markets.

Wadi Halfa Agricultural Development Pre-feasibility Study
Assessment of the potential for the development of a 1,000,000 ha irrigation project in the north of Sudan. The study involved an assessment of cereal demand (particularly wheat) in Sudan, an assessment of the agricultural development supply chain and processing facilities, and an evaluation of the proposed development site in terms of water availability, soil sustainability, access to infrastructure and climate.

Food Diversification and Diversification Strategy – FAO and Ministry of Climate Change & Environment.
Review the current food sourcing of the UAE and prepare a Strategy for investing locally and internationally for securing part of long-term food requirements of the UAE.

Livestock Production Adviser – Office of H.H. The President of the UAE.
Adviser for diary production from a large flock of sheep, as well as buffalo and dairy cattle for fresh milk and dairy product manufacture. Introduced a herd of Wagyu beef cattle for fattening and slaughter.

Livestock Camp Design.
Prepared design for a large scale multi-owner livestock camp for camels, cattle, sheep and goats, with strict biosecurity and disease control as well as good animal welfare and improved commercial production and management. Markets, veterinary clinics, milk collection centres and slaughterhouses were designed and included to be operated privately.

Milk Market Assessment Study followed by a Feasibility Study for  new Dairy Farm and Milk Processing Facility
Assessed the local market for a specialist quality locally preferred dairy products, and evaluated the feasibility of developing a dairy farm and modern milk processing facility  for producing premium milk products from Jersey cattle milk, for the local market.

Soil Contamination Program
Undertook a 2 phase assessment and design study to review the capability of EAD for evaluating and remedying contaminated soil issues from various activities in the Emirate. Drew up a long term Land Contamination Program and for training EAD staff in testing contaminated soils.

Review of Water Consumption for Agriculture and to Reduce Wastage
Undertook a comprehensive review of water usage across all sectors in Abu Dhabi and prepared recommendations on wastage reduction for the whole UAE, particularly in the agriculture sector which uses over 67% of all water and wastes over 50%,  for presentation to the Higher Water Committee.

Dairy Farm Audit and Livestock Valuations
Undertake veterinary audits and livestock valuations for large scale dairy farms in the UAE on an annual basis.

Livestock Consultancy and Tender Advisory Services
Provided a wide range of technical commercially based services to government organisations including ADFCA (Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and Ministry of Presidential Affairs)

Included preparing project designs and Terms of Reference for tender documents, tender evaluation, tender awarding and monitoring project implementation for:

  • Upgrading veterinary field services provided through 65 field veterinarians
  • Physical and technical upgrading of 28 veterinary laboratories, clinics and hospitals
  • Constructing 56 very large scale strategic kay reserve storages for 400,000 MT of hay
  • Emirate wide animal identification and recording system (AIRS).

Also prepared an alternative approach to livestock development to 2022 for improving returns to government on investment in the sector, based on more commercial style  systems.

Livestock Sector Vision 2030 Preparation
Prepared a new comprehensive vision to 2030 for Abu Dhabi; as agriculture sector moves from a subsidized situation to a free market economy, with a view to supporting food security locally, and providing livestock owners with confidence to invest in future production. Providing on going support with implementation of the vision.

Agricultural Market Logistics Plan Preparation
Provided a Logistics Specialist to develop a Logistics Plan for the Farmers Service Center in the regions of Abu Dhabi for the import of large quantities of hay and local marketing of locally grown produce.

Cut Flower production and Marketing Enterprise
Preparation of a feasibility study and implementation program for the establishment of a cut flower enterprise in Dubai. The study involved a review of potential development sites, analysis of current market and the flow of different types of flowers during the year, evaluation of competing businesses and analysis of production supply chain and value chain in preparation of a full physical and financial plan for a year-round operation utilizing the latest climate controlled greenhouse facilities.

Development of an Agricultural Strategy for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi
A review of the local and export market potential for agricultural crops produced in Abu Dhabi. Reviewed the government policies with regard to agricultural production, trade, competition, the role of processing as a value adding strategy and human resource development. A strategy for the next five years was developed which takes into account the social, political and environmental objectives of agricultural development in a very harsh environment, with a view to increasing the efficiency of the sector and minimising the commitment by Government to subsidising local production of fruit, vegetables and forage. Prepared timeframes for the completion of key activities as part of a phased development plan for the implementation of the proposed initiatives. Providing ongoing support in aspects of its implementation.

Pasture Improvement Project
The provision of a number of long and short-term technical personnel to work alongside ni-Vanuatu counterparts in the development of pasture oriented extension packages. The team organized a number of training courses for technical and managerial personnel at all levels in the Department of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries, and hosted exchanges and placement for other Pacific project personnel.

Protected Areas & Coastal Zones Management Project
The project involved the formulation of a Protected Area Management Plan (PAMP) for the area designated as a National Park.  A team of rural development, biodiversity, sociology and legal advisors developed a comprehensive PAMP for the Bura’a Region through a structured series of community consultations in conjunction with comprehensive technical biodiversity surveys and mapping exercises. The region was mapped from physical and socio-economic viewpoints, with priority areas for management planning identified and recommended. Through a series of reports and eventual management plans, government stakeholders were supported in developing a first stage Protected Area Management Plan for implementation and development through future consultancy support.

 First National Agricultural Development Project
An organisational review of the agriculture sector to determine areas requiring policy changes and institutional strengthening and/or human resources development. The project was essentially a manpower development and institutional building exercise designed to improve the ability of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to fulfill its central role in sector policy analysis, planning and extension to streamline its administrative operations. To do this the project was concerned with providing a range of inputs including advanced training, technical assistance, office facilities and equipment, vehicle and operating costs.

Irrigation Development and Management
Implementation and management of a 300ha irrigated forage production unit producing a range of pasture, forage and cereal crops on the arid Red Sea Coast. Responsible for the implementation of the project development plan including physical infrastructure, water and pasture development.

Economic Expansion in Outlying Areas. Ministry of Agriculture and Food/SIDA/Sweden.
Liberalisation stimulated the Zambian economy, but rural village households and emerging entrepreneurs in more remote, outlying areas required assistance to benefit from new less subsidised market conditions.  Over a 6 year period, this project used a participatory approach to (i) support sustainable production, processing and marketing activities; and (ii) support the development and maintenance of related infrastructure at District level.  This is being achieved through three components: (i) facilitation to stimulate advancement of rural village households by providing information and training; (ii) disbursement of District Development Funds to support both infrastructure and training for entrepreneurs; and (iii) use of Credit Guarantee Funds to encourage commercial banks to provide medium term credit to the District entrepreneurs who are emerging to fill the gaps left by the withdrawal of parastatal marketing, distribution, input and processing organisations.

National Agricultural Development Project
Agricultural sector survey and project identification study assessing opportunities for the development of improved crop production through the provision of credit for the establishment of commercial production units and smallholder participation schemes designed around traditional farming practices.

Smallholder Dry Areas Resource Management Project
Management of Project Facilitation Unit (PFU) supporting a nation-wide program supporting marginalised groups living in Midlands and Matabeleland South Provinces with enhanced food security and incomes, based on sustainable and drought-resistant resource management by and for the community. SRA played a coordinating and backstopping role to all levels, and managed the inflow and disbursement of £10m of donor funds, financial reporting, procurement, and facilitation of audits. The PFU worked closely and continuously with community groups, NGOs, contractors, and local development initiatives. The PFU also facilitated the development and coordination of an effective monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment system.