Stewart Routledge & Associates (SRA)

We are a specialised consulting enterprise, located in Dubai, UAE, that focuses on planning and implementing international agricultural, rural development and food security projects. Since 1978 we have worked for governments, public institutions as well as for agriculture and food industry enterprises and organisations in more than 30 countries. We have the capability to exploit the development potential in the agricultural and food sector and promote international co-operation through fostering of local and international trade.

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Our Services

SRA provides a range of international development services to deliver effective and comprehensive solutions for assessment, production, processing, marketing, planning and management situations across the aquaculture, agricultural and livestock industries.

  • Livestock Facilities
  • Livestock systems studies
  • Livestock Industry studies designed to identify areas of priority development, including
  • Agricultural systems studies
  • Aquaculture studies for the whole range of production systems
  • Environmental studies
  • Human resource development programs
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Sustainable development of agricultural and livestock resources will bring an end to hunger and poverty and ultimately economic stability in the region.

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